Take Yourself and Your Horse to the Next "Level" with Showing


As a barn we travel throughout the year to a variety of shows including open dressage, Arabian & Half-Arabian shows and training shows. 


We show at local, regional and national level. While we all want to win, we also have fun!


Most of the shows we attend fall into the following categories:


  •  Arabian/Sporthorse

  •  Dressage

  • Hunter/Jumper

  • All breed/Training


While showing is not for everyone, many riders find that it is a natural progression from that first lesson.  It is also a new challenge and a way to continue improving your abilities. We have  seen many shy, reserved kids come out of their shell at a show and really find a new level of confidence and self-esteem.


Tremendous bonds are built among riders at shows . . . lifelong friendships are made.  While there is always a sense of community at the barn, at shows it tends to be more prevalent than ever!  Everyone helps everyone else and we all depend on each other to make sure that we do our best!


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